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KICK@515 offers a unique combination of Barre, Yoga and TRX classes that focus on strength and stability in the Des Moines Metro.

Personal Attention. Group Setting.

Check out the newest class at KICK@515!  TRX YOGA!

What is TRX Yoga?  Assisted yoga using TRX straps to help you hold poses longer and get a deeper stretch.  With the assistance of TRX straps, you will begin to build muscles that will assist you as you continue to practice yoga.

Are you a seasoned yogi?  TRX Yoga is a great way to take your practice to the next level.  With the assistance of the TRX straps, you can work to strengthen muscles needed for mastering more difficult poses.

TRX Yoga is NOT: Crazy, twisted, flying acrobats.  Pinky swear.  Wipe those images from your mind and give it a try!