My personal testimony- how Barre improved my running

I know, I know… Barre sounds intimidating.  Especially if you weren’t the ballerina type… well, ever!

That’s why I want to share with you how Barre has helped me improve as a runner.

Running is my joy- it’s what I enjoy more than any other workout.  But here’s the thing.  As much as I love running, I equally hate running hills.  I’m slow.  I fall behind my friends. I watch them reach the top while I trudge along, cursing in my head with every step.

I purposely scouted marathons that advertised as “flat” because I knew I would lose time on  a hilly course.  Guess what?  Every marathon that promises a flat course, lies.  There are always hills.  And I’ve learned my definition of “rolling” hills is not a universal definition. I’ve encountered so-called rollers during races and was crushed mentally by the task of running up what I considered to be a sizable hill.

Why am I telling you this?

I became certified to teach Barre a year ago.  I do have a dance background, although my least favorite dance class was ballet.

I was shocked by how fun Barre was. It isn’t the typical ballet class.  It strengthens and builds endurance by working your core and your booty.  It emphasizes proper posture.  And the hour workout flies by because it is targeting every muscle group. I am never bored and I am never disappointed that I took time to do a Barre workout.

As I trained for my last marathon earlier this year, I noticed how much stronger I felt.  I had more stamina.  I had more power.  I started to assess what I was doing differently this training cycle.  And then it hit me.  I had added Barre to my cross training schedule.

I was feeling stronger, because I was.  I strengthened two main areas many runners neglect- core and glutes.  And let me tell you- that is a huge confidence boost.

I actually seek out hills during my runs now.  I think it’s fun to end a long run on a hillier route to feel that power and strength in my booty that is new to me!  And after stagnating for more marathons than I’d like to admit… I ran my 2nd best time in my last marathon.  I found the strength and power to keep pumping my legs and pushing my body forward during the last 5K to maintain my pace.

All because of some extra power in the back- a strong booty keeps you moving forward!

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