Barre Booty Camp

I am so excited to launch the 6 Week Barre Booty Camp this week!

This Booty Camp is designed for those who would like to check out what a barre class is but maybe haven’t taken that first step yet.  I get it- trying something new is scary and uncomfortable. But, here’s the thing- it doesn’t have to be!

I pledge to make you feel comfortable, not to put you on the spot and above all to make you feel good about YOU. That’s it.  That is my number one goal as your coach.

Need more reasons to join Barre Booty Camp?  Ok, listen up:

  • Weekly TRX Barre Class Fridays Noon- 12:45
  • Exclusive Workout of the Week Video sent to you every Monday to jump start your fitness routine – in the comfort of your own home
  • Weekly inspiration, fitness and nutrition tips sent directly to you by your coach

And get this- the 6 week Barre Booty Camp session is only $35!  Drop in class rates are $10 each and don’t include the additional at-home workout and tips- so that’s a huge savings!

That has me like

OH, and did I mention that we are kid friendly at KICK@515?  Moms, bring your kiddos with.  I  truly believe the best example they will have is you making you a priority and living a fit and happy life.  

What are you waiting for?  Let me help you set your fitness goals for 2017!

Register online today!


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