Let’s talk TRX Yoga

I’m so excited about TRX Yoga!

If you’re like me and you like yoga well enough… but get frustrated because you can’t hold poses as long as the instructor tells you to or your muscles burn and quake before you can really benefit from that amazing stretch you want just a little bit more of… I’m here to tell you, my friend, you MUST give TRX Yoga a try!

The TRX straps look scary- but they are your best friend.  Pinky swear.  They are not used during the class for some type of Cirque de Soleil craziness.  They are used as tools to help you stretch deeper, hold poses longer– and get this– help you gain the strength you need in order to do those same moves without the TRX straps in the future.

I’ll be brutally honest here.  Yoga is one of those classes that I do because I know it’s good for me, but it’s not my first choice.  Mainly, because of all the reasons outlined above.  TRX Yoga is different- it helps me feel strong. It helps me feel capable. And the kicker is… I am strong and capable.

Using the TRX Straps as a tool, I’m able to master yoga moves that I could not otherwise do, but man(!) I wish I had the strength to do on my own.


Damn!  It feels good to be a gangsta! Well, a white girl TRX yoga gangsta…


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