Ballerina? No- I’m training to be a Badass

Piloxing Barre combines the elements of pilates, boxing and barre for the perfect total body sculpting workout.

For those of you who are skeptical about trying a Barre class, put away those mystical images of delicate ballerinas floating across your mind.  It’s time to put on your boxing gloves.

Piloxing Barre is about getting your sweat on.  You do not have to be coordinated to take this class.  It’s my job as your instructor to make sure you are mastering the moves and more importantly- having FUN!  And what could be more fun that mashing up pilates and barre?!??

The class moves from boxing blocks consisting of hooks, jabs, uppercuts and boxer shuffles (OH- those shuffles that I love to hate when I feel that burn!) to pilates blocks with emphasis on toning, lengthening and elongating muscles- all while working to strengthen your core.

It’s a unique mix that is high energy and low impact at the same time- making it perfect for those that are new to working out, making working out a priority again or those looking for a second workout in their day.

Barre is all feeling sexy.  And, what’s more sexy than feeling badass?


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