So… what about floating, anyway?!?

Hopefully you all saw my post about the upcoming Summer Mind Body Challenge with KICK@515!

In addition to three mind body classes every week, the challenge includes one session at Des Moines’ newest relaxation destination!

Why am I partnering with Fadeaway Floatation?

Floating has SO many benefits including physical and spiritual.

During the six week challenge, you will be using small muscle groups that we don’t normally exercise (translation= you might be a little sore some days- in a really really good way!)

Floating alleviates stress– I’m not one who is big into science, so I can’t totally explain why epsom salts (or a ton of epsom salts…) has this affect. But it does.  I sat in a salt room for 45 minutes in a spa in Williamsburg, VA over spring break and it’s one of those weird but true phenomenons.   With less stress, many people who regularly do float therapy report they sleep better.

What do athletes (yes, I am talking about you! no matter what you do- if you’re taking steps to work out and keep your body functioning- you are an athlete in my book!) get out of floating?  With its stress reducing abilities- athletes are able to train better because they are managing fatigue better and have quicker recovery time.

Makes for the perfect match up for our Summer Mind Body Challenge!

Six weeks of mind body classes= serious toning

Floatation therapy= optimizing training

It’s like chocolate and peanut butter!  (translation= perfect combo!)


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