What is Barre Class?

Barre Class- simply put- is the best core and booty workout. Period.

You don’t have to be a ballerina to take these classes, you don’t even have to be coordinated!  They are designed for all fitness levels.

Barre offers a low impact workout that targets all muscle groups.  Did I mention it’s easy on joints?

The benefits of Barre are many – here’s a few:

Improves posture. Increases flexibility. Increases strength. Low injury risk.

It’s FUN!

KICK@515 is the only fitness studio in the Des Moines Metro offering Piloxing Barre.  Piloxing Barre is a great class for those who are on the fence about trying Barre because it’s a combination of boxing and pilates.  Piloxing Barre gets the sweat on and builds endurance.

TRX Barre classes focus on butts and guts. Let’s be real honest here, who doesn’t need to work on strengthening these areas?

What are you waiting for?  Check out the schedule and make plans to check out KICK@515!